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My OBGYN called in a new medication for me. When I went to pick it up, the clerk said: "I left a message on your home phone. The medication is out of stock, and it will not be in until Monday after noon." The, CINDY, at the CVS on NORTH MAIN STREET, in MANCHESTER, CT., told me, to: "call other CVS stores in the area and if you find one that has it, tell them to call us, and we will fax it over to them". I said, why should I do your job? All this time you took leaving a message on m home phone, could have been spent calling to find it.

Mind you this is the fourth time they have not had a medication in stock, even though, by now, they should know I get it.

I asked her for the name of the new medication, and she punched it out of the computer. Finally, the actual pharmacist came over and said they would call around for me.

I went home and called the closest store to me and they said they had it and for me to come after 2 pm.

I got there at 2:20PM, and THEY DID NOT HAVE IT READY! It is a box with a months worth of pills in a bubble pack, so how could they not have it ready in 4 hours? I sat and waited for 15 more minutes.

Finally, they call me up to the counter to tell me that they only have a partial supply, and for me to come back Monday.

I called my OBGYN, and asked her if the prescription is odd and what had happened. Not only did she confirm that this is a usual medication, but that the store should have done the calling around NOT the customer.

I have a common name. More than a half dozen times, I have been given the wrong prescription because they failed to ask the street I lived on. I almost took others medications and I never reported CVS to the HEALTH DEPARTMENT or CONSUMER PROTECTION.

Bottom line....their service stinks, and they are negligent when you pick up your prescription. They should never let their store be OUT OF STOCK of normal medications or any medication, that they know a customer has started to have filled.

Not once today, did anyone in either store say they are sorry, or apologize for the clerks behavior toward me.

That is why today, I am so angry I am posting this and sending a copy to the CVS HEADQUARTERS.

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Any retail location should be able to check the inventory of other locations.

The pharmacist should be able to inform you which location has the Meds in stock so you can have your Dr. resubmit the rx to that location.

Of course they are busy with other customers, but that's the nature of any retail location and not an excuse to put the onus on the customer to struggle with one locations deficiency.

Being busy does not grant an excuse for poor customer service.


I found this because I did a search for drug store out of stock since every single month, CVS is out of MULTIPLE of my medications that I've taken for years and are common medications, plus any new medication I try to have filled. This also happens for my Mom who has the same prescriptions every month, so I know it's a LOT of customers being affected.

I've used CVS for the last ten years, but only in the last 1.5 years has this started to happen consistently every month. I have actually wondered if they are going bankrupt and can't afford to buy the medications they need to fill their customers' prescriptions. To all of you who left nasty comments that it's not their job about this and that, the last time I checked, they are there to serve their CUSTOMERS and like any business, they will lose their customers if their service is horrible. They make money hand over fist, but then don't take care of their customers!

That's not good business and is a totally justified reason for the above rant. It's not just medicines being out of stock. They tell you it's going to be ready and it's not ready and you have to wait a LONG time. It's instances where you go to pick up your prescription, you pick it up, then get home only to realize THEY ONLY GAVE YOU A FEW PILLS!

They don't even bother to tell you that they only gave you a partial fill and that you will have to come back. Between the out of stock on only some of my medicine and others being ready and partial fills, I'm having to go to the pharmacy 10 times a month! All of my medicines are prescribed at the exact same time every single month for years now and all of a sudden it's this HUGE ordeal and many trips to get them. There are so many issues I've had with them, I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but here is another one!

They put medicines on autofill (ready fill they call it) without my authorization, then fill them and sneak them in with the medicines I pick up. This is a tactic to sell more medicine and make them more money! Until just about two months ago, the only way to stop the ready fill was to call their corporate office!!! Another problem is, I'll put a prescription on file, and instead of filling my prescription with the current prescription using the refills, they will automatically fill the one on file.

What this does is make the other prescription expire since they are filling the newer one first. Then my doctor wonders why I'm needing refills already on a prescription! I called to ask them to please return the one they filled and use the other prescription instead, and they couldn't even find it in the computer. I went on their online web site, found the prescription number myself and gave it to them and then they filled it, so they are not even competent on their own computer system.

I have repeatedly updated my phone number so that they will call my cell phone if there is an issue, but no they call my home phone that is never checked. The last time this caused an issue, I picked up the medicine I ordered, then two days later I had a migraine. That is when I found out I didn't have the medicine that aborts migraines. I called them and asked them why I didn't have it and they said we called your number and left a message saying we were out of stock.

It was two days later and they still didn't have it in stock. So I suffered because they can't call the right phone number AND because they are out of stock on medicine all the time. Oh, and they had the nerve to but into my doctor-patient relationship without any right whatsoever by sending a letter to my pain doctor, saying they were concerned about the number of medicines I was on for my chronic migraines. My ONE pain doctor prescribes everything for me and knows about every single one.

HE is the expert, NOT the pharmacy. They not only DO NOT SERVE ME as a customer, but they went behind my back and sent a letter to my doctor.


It is not the pharmacy clerks, technicians, or pharmacist to call around for you. They have to deal with a bunch of other duties.

You should be happy they called you and left a message saying they don't have it in stock and will order it. You should check your messages and give them a call back to have them call other stores for you.

They need time to call other stores because usually they have to attend to every customer that walks in to the pharmacy. Also just because you normally get a certain medication it doesn't mean it's always going to be in stock.


Well if they don't ask for your address, why don't you tell them your address? Say "I'm (insert name here) and I live at (insert street here)."

That way, there won't be any mistakes when picking up your prescription.

Also, pharmacies do run out of medications, even the most common medications. It happens at any pharmacy, not just CVS. If you wanted them to call around, you should have asked. They don't know what you want if you don't tell them.

Finally, CVS tries their best to provide good customer service. Sometimes, it may be difficult though, when customers constantly scream at the employees for issues that aren't CVS's fault. Doctors and insurance companies are the cause for many issues when it comes to filing a prescription. So when the pharmacy staff are constantly being screamed at by customers for things that aren't the pharmacy's fault, don't expect them to be in the best of moods.


i work in the rx for cvs. and typically when we call around to other locations, the store wants to be notified in order to transfer the prescription.

typically, we call the surrounding areas in that town/city, and if they don't have it. it's mainly up to the customer on where they want to drive to get their prescription.

with that being said, we not only deal with that issue, we deal with calls, filling prescriptions, ringing people out, etc. so, the pharmacy life may look easy because we may "be standing in one spot," but when in reality, we're dealing with more than you think.


calling around to other stores to find YOUR medication is a courtesy, but not necessarily their job. you have to take some responsibility, and the reason why it probably took so long for the other store to fill your prescription could be because they were busy calling around to other stores to find medications for other customers, just a thought.


You are an ***. :zzz


What if five patients start that medicine, the pharmacy will never have enough in stock. It take months for computer to order more due to demand. Drug reps go to Dr and have them push their drugs, and if Dr do then shortages will always happen

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