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I visited the cvs 18th chestnut street phila., pa. 19103 everyday before I start work.

Today I went in. I check to see if there were any other markdowns from christmas. There were/ I assumed they were because the sign said 90% off. I went to self checkout.

It rang up regular price. So I was told to go to the cashier. Cashier was unable to override it. She tried to get a hold of the manager using her headset.

Manager wasn't answering. I heard one of the cvs employees say she don't wear her headset. Manager came up to the register. She didn't seem too happy.

Cashier explain that the items aren't ringing up on sale. Manager took the items and threw them in a bind, saying their not on sale anymore. The sale end. She walks to the aisle brings two 75 % off signs saying this sale is over and it was for candy.

I try to tell the manager that the sale is up it says 90% off. She ignore me. I went to the aisle bring the sign to the manager. She ignored me and ripped up.

I said if the sign up you should honored it. She never acknowledged what I said and kept walking. I never been treated like this before. I shopped there everyday.

I will not be shopping at cvs again.

There's a way to talk to people. That was very unprofessional and disrespectful.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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On the bright side, they just saved you from buying a bunch of cheap, *** clutter made overseas that you really didn’t need anyway.

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