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I called the CVS closest to my house off on Irving Blvd and Nursery Rd in Irving Tx to ask if they have the emergency pill, but it seems that every time i ask them they never have it. This time i asked the lady how come they never have it and she says they do not carry it anymore. I asked her if she could tell me what pharmacy has it in stock she immediately said the one on story rd and hwy 183, but i went there and they had nothing which made me think the women who worked in pharmacy #1 lied to me and did not looked in the system.

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The pharmacy I work in never stocks them, and I'm pretty sure that none of the other pharmacy's close by have any. I have only seen one store sell them and there the cheapest one was $50.


If you need it that often then try using birth control....


Legally, the RpH can refuse to stock or sell Plan B, or any other abortificents.


Birth control is 9 times out of 10 cheaper then Plan B Accidents do happen, but if your having a problem finding it all the time obviously you need to learn a condom is about 200% cheaper and just be safe and you wont need the pill ALL the time!


Pill can be sold by tech, but if your using that often try using birth control.


The law states that pharmacy staff has the right to deny the emergency pill if they want. If the pharmacist does not believe in abortion, they do not have to compromise their belief for you.


If you are using that frequently, why not use birth control.

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