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I shop @ this CVS often, which is very close to me (less than 1 mile).On more than one occasion, these cashiers are just so downright unfriendly, have bad attitudes, are very unfriendly/unpleasant and are NOT suited for this job.

I had a question when I used my debit card, and I could see her getting annoyed with me. I angrily left and audibly called her the "b" word! It's appalling! MANAGERS: train your employees to possess excellent, friendly customer service skills and most of all, display courtesy to the customers.

The customer is always right!Vineland location.

Review about: Cvs Pharmacy Manager.

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the customer is not always right, but the customer is always the customer as we like to say.We get *** questions all day and at times it just becomes too much.

I don't know if your question had any validity, but if not, think before you open your mouth and say something ***.You're wasting our time.


Our job description is to kiss a$s, not eat sh*t. Maybe don't call the cashier a b*tch and they'll be nice the next time they see you instead of remembering how rude you are.


Not sure why they put *** in my earlier comment. it wasnt a swear or anything close


The customer should be treated well of course.They shouuld not have a bad attitude agree with all this.

On the same token, that saying "the customer is always right" only goes so far. A customer is not right if they do not treat the employees good. I am not saying you wernt mistreated, im sure you were but people who come in and act rude to the employees or appear like you ruined their day by making a mistake is going to far. when it comes down to it respect is always right on both sides.

I've had days where ive had a long day but always be nice to customers and ill make a small mistake like everyone does in any job and people will act like im an ***.like i said it comes down to respect


You called the cashier a b*tch and you call them rude.What nerve.

Maybe they would treat you better if you treated them better.The customer is not always right and when you go around calling them a b*tch they can technically refuse to serve you.


Apparently you have never worked retail. You customer is almost NEVER right you *** ***.

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