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Update by user Jun 09, 2021

Have added paperwork showing current pain management doctors.

Update by user Jun 09, 2021

No reach out from Pharmacy. Not once.

Original review updated by user Jun 20, 2021

I have to say, I cannot Believe the way I was treated at CVS pharmacy on 3215 Grand Ave. I have a neurological and physical condition that causes numerous of ailments and other chronic conditions.

One of them being widespread chronic pain. I am in rehab twice a week for my neurological condition and physical condition. due to these conditions I am on multiple medications. One of them being oxycodone (which the pharmacist are now refusing to give me).

This medication was submitted in on 1/20/2021. It was due for fill on 1/23/21. On 1/27/21 I picked up other meds but was told that the oxi was ordered and will be filled on Friday 1/29/2021. I go to pick it up and I am being told by Jennifer that they only have 20 and the next order is not in for another 2 weeks.

Now, I've already been given the info that I would have my medication, then I'm being told i won't have my medication that is, mind you, already way past my due date. No one called me to speak to me about it. Nor did anyone call my doctors. This is not the first time this pharmacy has done this.

It's busy, and a lot is going on. We are all stressed and so I have always given then the benefit of the doubt... More than they have given me I can say. I have no more medicine and it's the weekend.

I offer to just take what remaining they have(20) and forfeited the rest until Monday so we can deal with it with my doctor. Jennifer said no. I ask why? It's been done before.

She says because I just don't want to, we aren't comfortable giving you this medicine. I said you can't do that... Especially since i have documentation proving my condition. I gave it to them during the first months.

She became very cold towards me and denied even wanting to look at the documents I had on hand. I mentioned they were supposed to look into it with my doctor's. They did not. And they punished me for it.

If they have a problem with it, tell me they need documentation...I have those documents and they refuse to even look at them??? Something is very wrong here! I have been extremely forthcoming with information and I was basically given a just go away already. I was having a mini panic attack (due to the uneccessary heavily stressful situation that with my parasympathetic system shutdown causes can create havoc), and Jennifer very rudely and uncaringly told me to leave her drive thru to help the person in the back.

I told her I can't just yet because my system was reacting badly. They didn't care at all. I could barely drive away. I started to cry horribly from her non human treatment.

I wasn't yelling. I kept polite. I said things and she said yeah you said that already.

They gave me no excuse as to why they didn't supply me the medication that was sent in 9 days ago..with corespondent! I was treated like some ill-mannered druggy or something, and that's far from who I am or what I even look like.

I hate to throw the race card out but I'm a black, younger looking woman and feel quite singled out. To not even try to be helpful after screwing a patient over???? I mentioned I wasn't doing well from the stress and no one even cared to check on me. I was still there I saw pharmacy employees hop into their car and leave without seeing if I was ok...and I was visibly having a hard time leaving the lot...

Let alone the drivethru. Not only will I suffer but my service animal whom depends on me to take care of her will too.

To be able to help and just choose not to for no good reason is just kind of evil in my book. Refused to even listen to me.

I, having my chronic condition have to take these in order to live a somewhat daily life doing things such as going to the bathroom or making myself food or walking around or standing or sitting or being able to take a shower without horrible pain... or even looking at the phone while I am pain stakeingly writing this because even the lowest setting on my phone creates a massive amount of pain in my eyes.

My traps are pinching as I write this. Even my TEEETH HURT. Believe it or not I am underplaying it. Every month, since I think August of 2020, I chose this particular CVS pharmacy to fill my medication because I trusted it and it was close to me since it's hard for me to travel far comfortably or even safely with my condition.

Almost every month theyve had an issue with me having this particular medication one way or another with it being out. I am told to go to another pharmacy then. What did I do?? Just as I am writing this I feel so bullied and it hurts.

Apologies for the dramatics but I'm tired... Just so tired of peoples cruelty and uncaring for understanding and empathy.

I understand that there have been legal issues going on here in FL with that kind of medication but I assure you I don't fall into the category. For some of us it is imperative that we have it in order to survive and live. You can't just say oh well...

You're going to suffer from our lack of communication and empathy and incompetence for not reaching out to your doctor's about this sooner and think this person will be fine. I am one of those people who needs the help! This can cause a person to go mad. I can't believe how inhumane I was treated.

Like an annoying ugly little stray by Jennifer. Know what's it like to have arthritis in your spine and joints and pelvis and ribs! At the same time! Along with other stuff??

Last month the pharmacist Richard said to me, Without prompt, that my doctor better figure out something else to do because they dont want to give me these pills. I asked why and he said Without any documentation stating that I need them. I proceeded to mention how inappropriate I thought he was to approach me that way not knowing why and what is going on with me. Granted, I didn't react very well and wanted to say sorry for not being able to appreciate his concern but my goodness I was in so much pain that day - and he telling me sooner or later no to my medicine...sooner (Jennifer took it as next month apparently), He then said he understands and was trying to help me.

He has no clue what I've been going through to rid myself of the excruciating pain I've been experiencing for 5yrs now. Oblasion. Injections. Different rehabs.

But how do you injections to widespread neurological pain that was brought on by brain and spinal damage?? I said I've been trying to help myself and so have my doctor's and the documents needed where already given to this pharmacy and felt harassed by them. Giving me orders to hurry up and fix whatever is wrong with me... Which was literally said to me by Richard isn't something that should not be said to a customer...am I wrong?

Is it? This is appalling. They refused my medication without even double checking with my doctors. I even self regulate.

I know a few people in this same medication but get no hassle... Confused because I have proof.

I was able to tell that some of the other employees didn't agree in the degree of mishandling. Felt very tense and toxic. I digress...

If I had it in me, I'd sue them for the pain they have succumbed me to which is worse than anything they can even imagine, and this has and will cause more damaging psychological and neurological effects - helping ruin any recent progress made from my rehabilitation.

I will never come to this pharmacy again. No one should trust them with their health. NO ONE. And no one should go through what they just put me thru.

I'm in utter shock at the treatment. And what's crazy, is I left NYC to find a better doctor to heal me and have NEVER experienced such treatment from the pharmacy. I guess the ones who really need the help are the ones who will suffer from all the people who took advantage of this drug that I wish to God all the time I didn't have to be on. I am not one to complain or leave comments on any business, but my goodness did they do a number on me.

God forbid any of them have to go thru what many of us have to go through.

I'm so sad and disappointed that those people didn't care about my pain. Not even a little.

User's recommendation: Don't go there if you are in really bad shape.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cvs Pharmacy Prescription Refill.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

CVS Pharmacy Pros: Close to my house.

CVS Pharmacy Cons: Not taking the initiative to find a resolution.

Location: 3215 Grand Avenue, Miami, FL 33133

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Cry me a river


Shut up.


You loved you some opiates too!? Ima try to understand yous people’s that loves you opiates


If you haven’t lived with high levels of pain for long periods of time then you can’t really understand. It’s not livable and becomes dangerous to the psyche.

Not everyone likes it or wants to be on it. Be careful with what you say.


Is there an opiate discussion and patient signature noted other than April 2021? Complaint was January 2021.


Following page says Sept 2020. It goes back further but not necessary for me to do the work, nor do I have any more patience for this. Bye.


Not necessary? You made the complaint!

I still don’t see any Florida MD’s orders through January 2021. If you’re going to complain and call people out, show the proof.


That IS proof but you were not happy with it. It’s the prescribing doctor from starting on sept visit and ending in April.

Look at Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, 2020 and Jan 2021 posted record posted. Don’t have unlimited uploading…thank you.


Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, 2020 and Jan 2021 posted record posted.


Take this scam down already!




Nope. Not a scam.


Not a scam


I said “you can’t do that....”. Oh yeah?


Go ahead and challenge them.


Go back to the third grade. You sound like a kid who bully’s.


Then provide the info you claim is there


Seriously! Huge troll bully who should watch their Karma. Don’t want the same to have to you!


Don’t need you of all people to worry about anyone’s Karma.


“Of all people”…?? You’re the one spitting nasty comments.

You don’t know me.

My problems came from a lifetime (including childhood) of abuse from people like yourself. At least God has given me the means to be able to heal at every turn.

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