We have struggled with a pharmacist at sun valley cvs for a year now.. my wife can't ever get her meds on time..

or they withhold her meds.. and my wife goes into seizures because of this.. we have complained until im furious.. i want to SUE THE *** OUT OF CVS.!!!

no other pharmacy has any problem filling her meds.. not even a different cvs.. just the sun valley store.. just the one lady..

and its not just us.. she messes with lot of people over here, and I guess its OK that she does, because she's still there.. How can you employ anyone who messes with someone's medication just because? Are you waiting til she kills someone???!!!

I want to put out flyers in sun valley, and gather up everyone else she has done this to.. so we can all sue your *** together..

User's recommendation: Don't go to sun valley cvs if you want to live.. they will play games with your medication.. and nobody cares.. all you can do is fill this complaint out, and watch even more nothing happen.. im about to make 10.000 flyers and tag reno..

Product or Service Mentioned: Cvs Pharmacy Prescription Refill.

Location: Sparks, Nevada

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Controlled substances can be filled two days early. It is your responsibility to have valid prescriptions.

You fail to realize that any earlier than two days , the computer halts the process. If you think you are in the right, call the DEA. They can see all the fills.

If the pharmacy is in the wrong they will contact them. Major karma back at you if you are not telling the truth.


I hope you can afford a lawyer

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