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Customer at head of line tried to return an item. New location, new employee didnt know what to do on a simple return.

Wait was too long for 8 30 pm on Saturday night. You need more employees by the time the problem was resolved the line was ten deep. I believe that the the only way to make you do something about this is not give you my business and make sure I tell everyone I know how crappy your service is. Believe me in this economy you will feel the emptiness of your store.

You suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would appreciate this complaint going to the CEO so they will be advised of how much money they just tossed out the window building the new place but forgetting to staff it with employees.

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Haven't you ever been a new employee?


I appreciate your feedback regarding my recent complaint. Since you were not there you really can't say much about the situation.

I do work retail and in general am more sympathetic to plights of the worker.

This case was definitely not warranted. Have a pleasant day!


They staff according to projected business, they probably don't expect it to be busy at "8 30 pm on Saturday night," and scheduled accordingly. The "new employee" would not have known how to do the return at any location, new or old, and how do you know it was just a "simple return?" There may have been a legitimate reson it took a while.

If you think not patronizing them will improve service you are wrong. As it gets slower they will staff even less people, not more.

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