I worked 14 years for cvs gave them my all.Never abused sick time and was always on time.

I enjoyed working for the company up until a few years ago. The last two years was a joke. I was embarrassed to be part of that team. The manager had no drive no interest no ambition what so ever.

He did absolutely nothing but sit on his *** all day and complain about the DM and corporate on how *** they were. He would talk on the phone for hours just complaining then he would come down to the sales floor and complain more to his employees and then with the customers. He was a downer the morale was horrible. It would take us 4 sometimes 5 days to get truck done because he would shoot the *** with the truck drivers always complaining about corporate.

He asked me a few times what I thought about how he was as a manager and told me not to hold anything back. He said he was asking me because I had been with the company for a long time and he trusted me and knew that I knew what I was doing. So I was honest with him and told him exactly what I thought. I told him that he was a procrastinator and that he needed to start giving his employees some direction.

He was always complaining that no one was doing anything which was true in a lot of cases so I went on to say that he was the manager and it was up to him to let them know what needed to be done. I told him they were taking advantage of him because you let them get away with it. He then went on to say that he shouldn't have to tell them that they have all been here long enough to know. He didn't get it.

I told him even the best crews needed some direction. They just all followed suit. He didn't care so why should they. Yes I hated it there.

I was a very hard worker. A company person. I left the company a year ago. I left without notice because I was given an ultimatum.

I was told by the manager that the D.M didn't want and didn't care about my concerns and interests concerning the new work schedule. I wanted to have a meeting with the D.M. but was told quit or go part time. So after hearing that and hearing lies about me and getting fed up with the manager I made a hasty decision and quit.

They were not there for me. You work all those years giving 100% thinking that you matter and in the end you find out differently. Pat if for some reason you are reading this my question to you is why? why didn't I matter?

So, would I work for cvs again? Yes.

There should have been a meeting instead of termination papers!Didn't deserve this!

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