We have Caremark through my husband's company's insurance. My son's doctor wrote him a prescription for 90 pills to be refilled 3 times (this comes out to one pill a day for a year).

Since my son is going off to college we needed the 90 day supply as he can't bring his car to college and there is not a pharmacy within walking distance of his dorm. Caremark forces us to use CVS to fill 90 day prescriptions. There isn't a CVS conveniently located to my home but I have no choice but to drive the 30 minutes. Caremark doesn't care how far I have to drive they just want my money at CVS, not Walgreens which I much prefer because it is less than a mile from my home.

So today I drive all the way over to CVS to pick up the prescription to find out that the *** people at CVS think that 90 pills with one refill equals a years supply. The *** girl even got out a calculator to add 90 + 90 and was trying to tell me that 180 is a years supply. Last time I checked there were 365 days in a year! Do we want *** people like that working around medicine?

Do you trust someone who can't even add 90 + 90 in her head? Do you trust someone who doesn't even know how many days there are in a year? Don't you have to pass a basic aptitude test to work in a pharmacy? I hate CVS and Caremark.

They can force me to drive over there to fill my prescription but I will make a scene in the store every single time about the *** people who work there. And I will NEVER purchase any OTC meds or anything else at CVS.

I will even still continue to go to Walgreens for all my other prescriptions. Caremark you can force me to fill my prescriptions at CVS but you can't force me to like CVS.

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Amen sister. CVS SUCKS and so do the employees.




My company switched to caremark prescriptions I feel sorry for anybody using this business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They (caremark) SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


isn't there drugs that are only taken once a week...?

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