2012 i fell and hurt my back pretty bad i went to the dr and got lortab well they had some kinda comp prob that day and said we have to call it in i said ok but i just moved to town anf hadnt beeen there they daid just call and they wil get info so i waited a hour called and it was there they askes me my number address and insurance gave it all to them and said ok come down its ready for you so i drive there get in line get to the front tell the guy my name date of birth and he lookd at me and says umm wait fot a min i said ok he acted weird i just thought he was new or something so i sit down 10 min later here come to police officers and the pharmacist yells she right there and points to me i look like umm the police officer pulls me to the side nd says you called a fake prescription in i said no and tolf him about my back and the dr he then ask me to puy my hands behinde my back by now i am scared crying and confused and the pharmacist just keeps looking and smiling now two more cops come i tell them my car has allmy paper from the dr in the car and give him the key to get it everyone starts starting and talking the cop takes me ouyside to a bench the cop comes back nd says to hold on a moment after a hour of being hanfcuffed havinh the world stare at me cop comes back nd says that the dr did call it in and it was legit he unhandcuffs me so insteaf of the pharmacist doing his job and verify it he assumes itd a fake and calls the cops the manger of cvs comes out hands me my pills no charge of course and gives me a 100 gift card reallu likr thats hoin makr up for the damage that wd just done i hand iy back and day give it to ur next victim the cops were mad and kept sayinh how sorry they wete i will nevet step foot in cvs again ever

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Someone deleted my previous comment, but basically what I said was this: You spics, chinks, and porch monkeys need to learn proper English before you complain about someone else's short comings. It looks silly for you to complain about the incompetence of someone's job performance when you cannot properly speak and communicate.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #696050

seriously? another person who doesnt know how to speak the english language...learn the language before you come and ravage our country!


Another clown who thinks they are funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :x :x :x

Houston, Texas, United States #695658

I don't even know if this is a valid complaint or not. Did you learn how to spell from an Etch-a-Sketch?

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