I have used CVS photo for prints quite a few times, always by ordering online. I can get over the fact that the online process is extremely slow.

I can get over the fact that I have to crop every single picture since they're all distorted for whatever reason. I can even get over the fact that they're pricier than surrounding photo labs. I chose CVS for the convenience. This Christmas, my first Christmas with my husband, I ordered a single card in which I specifically called a week before Christmas to see if it would be done in time.

I was told yes... I have been to CVS three times (after receiving the confirmation e-mail saying that it had shipped) and each time no one could find the card for my husband. Needless to say, my husband went card-less on Christmas when I was hoping he could open the card I had put so much thought into.

I just called CVS again, it's January 7, and still no card. I didn't receive an apology, but they were plenty apathetic enough for me to decide that I won't ever be using this service again.

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