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Store #402 downtown Miami: When I went to check out with several items, I was the only person in line. Ashley (according to her name tag) was sweeping behind the register.

I waited for a moment and asked if she would check me out. She ignored me. Another employee told me to use the self checkout. I have never had good experiences with those.

When I talked to a manager, Justanya, she was on her way out and displayed the same apathetic attitude as those she manages. Hey! At least their consistent! As burning world issues go, this is not a biggie.

But I will definitely shop at a place that has nice people who will either help me or explain if there's a problem. This is not that place.

Review about: Cvs Pharmacy Manager.

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You were in such a hurry that you couldn't wait a few minutes while the cashier finished sweeping her area? I would assume something had got spilled, for her to be sweeping.

You say you waited a minute, boy! you must not have even an ounce of patience.

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