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This pharmacy is the WORST. My husband and I had our prescriptions filled at this location for three years and will never go back.

I had surgery a year ago and was on pain medication for two months. My Doctor wrote a new prescription for me to be filled by this pharmacy. Their junior pharmacist, John actually told us he 'could not legally fill the prescription, due to it not being covered by our insurance company. As if the written prescription from my doctor was an illegal document!

More importantly, this pharmacist had the nerve to claim this knowing we were regular customers of this pharmacy. We weren't some strangers walking off the street to get our prescription filled. We were loyal customers of this pharmacy and this pharmacist was nothing but rude and condescending to us. Needless to say, we went to another pharmacy and had the prescription filled with no issues what so ever.

This pharmacy never has prescriptions ready to go at the promised time and seem completely inconvenienced when having to correct their own errors.

Save yourself the headache and go with a pharmacy containing pharmacists who will treat you with the kindness and respect you deserve as a customer. John and Vrijni are not those pharmacists!

Review about: Cvs Pharmacy Pharmacist.

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Were you early on filling your pain medication? Many are controlled substance and can result in punishment for the pharmacist if they were to fill it early. If your job/license were in danger, would you take the chance?

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