I used to get me prescriptions filled at the CVS pharmacy at 83-02 Atlantic Ave Ozone Park, NY 11416?.

This CVS Pharmacy is by far the worst pharmacy I have ever had the displeasure of using. For the sake of your own health, please do not use this pharmacy.

During the course of a couple of months of using this pharmacy I had constant problems. Most, though not all, of the staff were rude and either unwilling or incapable of answering questions about medication. On multiple occasions they failed to fill my prescriptions on time and I was forced to go weeks without necessary medications. The final straw was a very important medication I could not afford to miss even a day of.

I had 1 refill left on the prescription, just enough to get me to my next doctor's appointment. I called in the refill and was told it would be ready within a few hours. The next day I went to pick it, having given them more time then they requested to fill it, and was told they hadn't filled it because they didn't have the medication in stock. No one had called me or emailed me about the problem even though both a valid phone number and email address were on their records.

I argued with the staff for an hour before they finally agreed to give me a partial prescription to get me through the next couple of days and assured me that I could return at the end of the week, after they got their delivery, to retrieve the rest. On the day of their delivery I called the pharmacy to remind them of our deal and request that the prescription be ready for me to pick up. They then went back on the deal and insisted that they could not fill the prescription because I had no remaining refills. I reminded them that I indeed had a refill which they had only partial filled and still owed me 20 or so pills of.

They refused to give me the rest of my medication. The partial refill they had given me the previous visit wasn't enough for me to get to my next doctors appointment where I would obtain a new prescription. I continued to insist that they had assured me I'd be able to get the rest of the pills I was owed but the pharmacist eventually hung up on me. I had to go to the pharmacy to straighten this out.

There I met the pharmacist who had been rude over the phone and hung up on me. Still rude she continued to argue with me and I was forced to involve the store manager. After an hour of arguing they finally gave me the medication I was owed and proceeded to tell me never to come into the store again. I left and promptly called CVS corporate to report the store.

The woman there I spoke to was appalled, insisted that this was outrageous and not at all the way a CVS pharmacy should be acting. She referred me to the regional manager she wanted me to speak to however that gentleman never returned my multiple phone calls. Apparently, rude and ineffective service is exactly what that stores regional manager promotes.

Again, for your own health, please stay away from this pharmacy. It will only be a matter of time before they begin to mess with your medications and your well being.

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