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Stated that he could not fill my prescription until 3AM (where this time comes from boggles me) when I came in the store at 12:15AM on 6/27/2014 as stated to be filled on the prescription and I get them filled at this location at midnight very often and have never had any issues. There was no one in the store either so he wasn't busy. I have to get my meds at night because I have no transportation during the day.  The script does not specify a time and like I said, I've never had this issue before, ANYWHERE! I had to leave the store and go to the Capital Blvd location, in which the Pharmacist there filled them immediately, no questions asked (within 5 minutes).  

Also, last month Obi told me over the phone that he could not tell me if they had my medication in stock over the phone (because sometimes they are hard to find so I needed to know).  So, I went to Capital Blvd location last month as well and they not only told me over the phone that they had this medication in stock. They also filled them at midnight, as always.  I've been on this medicine for about 5 years and have never had these issues before bit then again, I've never dealt with this pharmacist before.  He is the only one that has ever given me an issue. It was like he was treating me like I was a drug addict when all I was doing is trying to get my medication on the hours in which I had a vehicle to come get them.

So, because of this man, Obi, your store has suffered from the sales of two months supply of my medication (Out of pocket paid with cash) and Capital Blvd got both sales because of him. It was a total of $275.00 in sales, not to mention they have always been so respectful to me, unlike Obi! Unfortunately, it appears that Obi isn't a people person because he was very rude to me, and I'm a very soft spoken, kind person. Always respectful... He didn't care.

So, this is what made me want to write you this complaint about him because, like I said, I've never had an issue. I don't usually report people, he just pushed me to that point of making me drive out-of-the-way to another CVS pharmacy to get these filled when he could've filled them right there in front of my face while I was in his store. Instead, I drove all the way to capital Boulevard, got them filled immediately.


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"why do you need at 12am?should be at home sleeping.

i bet it's pain meds not blood pressure meds or heart meds, right?"

You do realize some people work at nights and don't get to be in bed early and sometimes have to go to the pharmacy at 12am, right? Or have other reasons why they can't get there during normal business hours? You do understand that the concept of a 24 hour pharmacy is to cater to those types of people, right? You also realize that prescription medications are not limited to pain killers and heart/blood pressure meds right?

You also realize that just because they're getting it filled at midnight doesn't mean it's for pain killers? You do realize that pharmacies fill pain meds during the daytime too? You also realize it's not as if 12am is the bewitching hour for getting narcotics filled, right? You also realize you're an ***, correct?

No?Well, you are.

to Anonymous Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States #1124809

I was thinking the same thing.....what a ***!!!!Just because someone is on painkillers doesn't make them a drug addict....it means they're in pain.

Like....oh I don't know....from a car accident that was so bad they were in the Hosp for 30 days and broke almost every bone in their body and has had 7 ankle and toe surgeries in the past 8 years. And now that person HAS to take 2-3 pain killers a day to function in order to take care of their family!!!!

Why must some idiots think that just because someone takes pain mess they are automatically drug addicts?!?Probably because they're actually addicts and don't wanna admit it?!?.....hmmmmm.

to JS #1125194

People have no idea unless they have been there.It's not about wanting the medications to get high on you bunch of *** addicts, it's about getting relief when your lying on your couch and can't get up and tears are running down your face because the pain is unbearable, This is what that is about.

Pain so harsh you can't even breathe. Maybe this person had been up for a couple of days because of the pain being so unbearable and needed some relief. I really don't think this decision should be up to the pharmacist. If your doctor wrote you a prescription for the medicine, no matter what it may be, they should have to fill it if you look at your calendar and the date matches the refill request date.

This makes me really mad too when they treat me this way. They have no idea what it is like to live like this, nor do these immature people calling people addicts when out likely they are the addicts or they wouldn't be posting immature *** like that on here.

Because if they had to live one day in my shoes, they would shut the *** up!Trust that!


"You are a drug addicted ***.And he has ever right to not fill at his discretion.

It's his license at stake which he worked so hard for. Try getting off the pills you junkie complaining loser"

You are an ***. How do you know what type of prescriptions this person is getting filled? There's something seriously wrong with you.

Maybe you're the one with a drug problem and can no longer find a doctor to write your narcotic prescriptions because it's obvious there's nothing worng with you except for being a drug addict and that makes you sad and want to project onto others.See how judging someone without knowing all the information makes you look like a judgmental ***?

to Anonymous #984133

For one, I explained why I could not make it to the pharmacy during the day.Though this particular medication isn't a narcotic, nor is it anything that is addictive.

So, call me a drug addict all you want to, you know nothing about me looser. I'm disabled and have to get my medication when I can. Just to add to whoever the *** is judging me, if it were a narcotic, my doctor wrote me this prescription for a reason, there should be no excuse.

But it's not anyway so, nice try judging me, ***.


They never said they were asking about pain pills. What the *** gave you that idea? Guilty conscience?


The people commenting on this and calling this person a drug addict or questioning why they get their scripts filled at night are being extremely judgemental.It's a 24 HOUR PHARMACY, so if they want to get their stuff filled at midnight then they are allowed to.

If this is not okay, for whatever idiotic reason you people have made up, then they wouldn't be 24 hours.

I use this pharmacy and when I worked 3-midnight at my last job, I would get my scripts on my way home from work. Not everyone gets to be in bed before midnight. Some of us work at places like hospitals that never close and aren't always lucky enough to work the early shift.

Some of us have to rely on others for transportation and have to go at a time that's convenient for them. Some of us have diseases or other conditions/disorders that require medication.

Do any of you know what it's like to have an autoimmune disease or a genetic disorder that causes your blood to clot on its own or type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes or how about cancer? Maybe not yet.

These are all things that can kill you if you don't take the medications that your doctor prescribes for you. Just because someone is on prescriptions, without knowing what they are being prescribed, and because they have to get them filled at night from a pharmacy that is open 24 hours for the sole purpose of serving those who have to go there at night, you people somehow came to the conclusion that this person is a drug addict?? WTF is wrong with you people? Are you really that ignorant?

Enjoy your health...while it lasts.

The whole point of this complaint is to point out a pharmacist's rude behavior. Many people call around to different pharmacies in the area to see if they have the medication they need in stock and the cost without any problems. It's okay to call and see if they have something before using up gas to drive down there.

It's also okay to call around to different pharmacies to see who has it cheaper. A lot of people without insurance do that. If a pharmacist is afraid to say whether or not they have a certain medication because they think they might get robbed, then they don't need to be working in a pharmacy! That is not the job for them.

Obi is not afraid of being robbed.

He is lazy. I have been fairly lucky and not had to deal with him too much. Except for the weird phone calls I've be receiving from him lately asking me about things that I had already discussed with another employee and there was one time he refused to fill a written prescription because he wanted to talk to my doctor and find out why I needed it. That's a HIPPA violation, so I just had one of the other pharmacists fill it.

There was also one time that he filled a 14-day supply of one of my meds and labelled it as a 30-day supply which made getting it refilled difficult. He's the only one besides one of the pharmacy techs, who's been there a few months now and still doesn't know how to use the computer system, that I've had any kind of issues with.

Today I had to deal with him in person and he was much more rude than normal. He is either on day shift now or just for today.

He was extremely rude to my mother and that's when my patience for him finally wore out. It's one thing to be rude to me, but not my mother. She's old with her own health problems and on a fixed income. Usually, when I drop off a prescription I can ask them to check and see how much it will be after insurance.

That way I know if I can afford to pick it up the same day or need to come back another day. They always ask when you want to pick it up, so being able to say either the same day or not is helpful for them so they'll know if they have to fill it then or can do it later. Like I said, it's never been an issue and everyone I've dealt with has been able to quickly look it up for me. I've even been able to call during a time I know they're not usually busy and ask the tech if they have certain medications, no matter the class, in stock and find out the cost.

Obi is the only one that has ever had a problem with answering any questions. My mother had a doctors appointment today and they gave her a new prescription. She also needed to get one refilled. We were in the area, so decided to drop off her new script and depending how much it plus the one she needed refilled, we were either going to get it today or have to wait until she got paid.

The tech that usually waits on us knows to go ahead and look up the cost. Even the other techs, except for the one I mentioned earlier, has no problem giving us that information if asked. Every pharmacy I have ever been to, no one has refused to give that info. I asked them once if it was an inconvenience to look it up and they told me that all they have to do is open my record and as long as my insurance is up to date, it takes less than a minute to look.

It's even faster if it's a refill because once it's submitted, it shows up. The semi-new tech is who first waited on us today. We handed him the written script and told him she also needed one refilled. That should be enough of a clue for him to realize she's been there before and to look up her record.

But, not this guy. He asked if she was already a customer, she said yes. He asked when she wanted to pick it up and that's when she told him that it depends on what the cost is whether she could afford to pick it up today or had to wait. He looked confused and went and asked Obi.

Obi told him to tell us that there was no way to do that and all he could do is tell her the cost before insurance. I told tech guy that I know that's not true and that they do it for us all the time. Tech guy went and got Obi to come over. Without saying a word, he opened her record and got the price for the written script and told us.

She then told him about the one she needed refilled. He put it in and when she asked the cost of that one, he refused to tell her. All he had to do was look back at the screen and tell her the cost. He said he did enough and wasn't going to waste any more time on her.

I asked him if he was really so lazy that he couldn't look at the screen that was still up and tell her what the number is. She is allowed to know that information. It's her record. It's her prescription.

It's her money. This is a person that is lazy and has some strange superiority complex. His customer service skills are nonexistent. I don't know if he's only rude to certain people or everyone.

He has been pretty consistent with his rudeness towards me and I shouldn't have put up with it at all. But, it wasn't until he treated my mother badly that it took everything in me to not hit him. Besides, if it's that hard for him to read numbers off a screen then I don't think he should be allowed to fill prescriptions. I know being a pharmacist isn't the easiest job.

You get paid salary and usually work more than 40 hours a week especially when they're short staffed. My mother and I are always nice when we go there. His rudeness is unprovoked and consistent. This was the last straw so I'm switching back to Walgreen's.

The only reason I went to CVS is because my old insurance stopped covering Walgreen's. I have different insurance now and have been considering switching back for a while.

Just hadn't gotten around to it yet.I will now and my mother will be switching as well.


You are a drug addicted ***.And he has ever right to not fill at his discretion.

It's his license at stake which he worked so hard for.Try getting off the pills you junkie complaining loser

to Anonymous #1125207

Did this person say that he/she was going to sue anyone?LOL!

You people on here are killing me. To the person who wrote this original post. I get this!

It happens to me all the time because my doctor doesn't give the two extra days most doctors do for my refill request date.So, I have to get it asap on that date.


It's not a shock that a pharmacist wouldn't want to disclose their on-hand quantities of pain pills after midnight (or anytime for that matter).In their mind you might as well be asking, "Would it be worth it to rob you today?".

The fact that you show up just after midnight leads me to believe that the RX probably has a "do not fill before" date on it, so it's also kind of sketchy to show up immediately after this time comes. Especially if you are paying cash and not using insurance. And to answer your question, YES.

Any pharmacist can refuse to fill any prescription if they are not comfortable doing so.So sorry don't waste your money on a lawyer trying to sue.

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