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CVS mixed up a prescription for one of my daughters and put it in the other ones name. The youngest has not even been seen by the doctors office that called the med in for the oldest one!

When I called the pharmacy they blamed it on the dr office. I knew my youngest hasnt been to that dr and couldnt understand how they couldve made that mistake. When I talked to the person who sent it the RX was sent electronically through the oldest ones chart. I know this is how it works as Ive worked as an MA myself!

Called the pharmacy back and suddenly they find the mistake and state they have no idea how this happened but they would fix it. Since then they have constantly messed up my prescriptions so I fired them. Called and told the pharmacist personally that I would not be back that I did not want them to fill anything for me ever again!!! Next time my meds are due they call me and tell me they are ready!

I call them again and fire them again. Called corporate and filed a complaint. Three months later here we go again. Called them again and this time they said if I hadnt had my prescriptions transferred to another pharmacy they would continue to fill them!!!!

I threw a fit and told her to send them back and I would report them for insurance fraud! My insurance company will not fill them at another pharmacy as long as CVS has them filled!! Delayed my refills at my actual pharmacy. Cause me health issues because of their stupidity!

They are going to kill someone before its over!! I cant believe the mistakes they make and the attitude they get when you call and tell them to fix it!! Really?? Ive fired you three times now!!

Go away! This is harassment! A week after firing them this time?

Filled one more prescription...cant believe it!!! And rude to me when I called and told them!!

User's recommendation: DO NOT TRUST CVS WITH YOUR HEALTH.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cvs Pharmacy Prescription Refill.

Preferred solution: Investigation by the board of pharmacy and insurance commission.

CVS Pharmacy Cons: Terrible pharmacy with very slow service and unfriendly staff, Constant computer problems, Tone of voice, General practice, Making mistakes that could be deadly.

Location: 201 MacCorkle Avenue, Saint Albans, WV 25177

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How do you know that your doctor’s office did not send the script from the wrong child’s chart? Oh wait, you don’t ....

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